Parent Requirements  


Agreement with School’s Philosophy and Mission: As a part of the OCCS homeschool program, you as a parent are considered to be your child’s primary teacher.  This is consistent with the biblical view of education as detailed in Deuteronomy 6:6-7: “These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” As we state in our Mission Statement, our role is to partner with you in your God-given calling as (a) parent(s).

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It is mandatory that the teaching parent is present with the student(s) during school hours and provides the necessary academic instruction and oversite.  The teaching parent is not permitted to work or participate in other activities during school times. 

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Generally speaking, elementary and middle school parents are encouraged to use the Bob Jones homeschool curriculum that is compatible with the curriculum used in the day school. Lower grade students (primary and middle school grades) may use alternative biblically based curriculums subject to the school’s approval. High School students are required to use the Bob Jones Curriculum used by the OCCS high school student body. Parents are responsible to purchase all necessary curriculum items.   


Unless otherwise authorized by administration, students are required to follow the course of study consistent with the OCCS day school as described in CA Ed. Code 4822 (Families are permitted to select approved electives).  All students K-12 are required to include a Bible Class in their course of study. 


Parents and students are required to meet either bi-monthly or monthly with the Homeschool director for documentation submission and progress checks.  Meeting times are predicated on mutually agreed upon timeframes.


Student Requirements

  • Students must exhibit the attitude and behavior that is conducive to spiritual and academic growth. Uncooperative or nefarious behavior either at home or in public could be grounds for disqualification from the Homeschool program. 

  • Students must be willing participants in their own academic progress.  In short, students must want to be a part of this program.

  • Students must show ongoing academic progress throughout the program.

  • Students are encouraged to participate in all weekly chapels and are required to attend at least one chapel per month.

  • When participating in on campus activities, e.g. sports, classes, events, field trips, etc.) students are required to abide by all rules, policies, and expectations (including immunization) described in the Orange County Christian School parent/student handbook. 

  • High school students are required to take all final exams at the OCCS campus (or Homeschool Office) and be proctored by an OCCS staff member.  

 Parents are responsible to submit the following documents (Forms are Available):

- Course of Study (Due at start of each semester)
- Daily Attendance Record (Due at time of meeting)
- Class Evaluation and Letter grade (Due at the end of each quarter)